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Roaming Ring Light Photography

for Music Festival Brand Activation

Roaming photography utilizes a portable light ring that can be carried around live music festivals. Hot and trendy photo light ring puts your brand where the action is.  Branded photos with instant sharing is simply an amazing way to get your brand in from of millennials attending music festivals. 


This amazing brand activation experience is a complete solution offering hardware, software, apps, sharing, and printing.  Use or brand ambassadors or yours.  


Your brand’s assigned photographer will use the roaming light ring which is similar to a professional photographer’s camera, but better. It’s a large circular device that is surrounded by colorful bright LED lights to help make it stand out. It can actually allow your assigned brand ambassador to take photos of consumers, guests, or clients at music festivals events.


A unique, innovative and exciting way to promote your brand or services to the public. One way to use this brand activation technique is to invite potential customers to stand and take photograph of them sampling the products, or using the products. Their friends can join them for selfie-like photographs.


You may also hand out branded merchandise, hold contests, and think of many other ways that you can use brand activation at your live events.


Once the photographs have been taken your potential consumers can be invited to enter their text numbers or email addresses through the light ring’s app. After that, they can share the photographs to their social media accounts.


There are many useful features that you can use at your music festivals Besides the instant sharing feature where your potential customers can share their photos live, which generates excitement of your brand, there are also metrics you can view after the event.


There is data capture that is done to see how well the instant sharing function performed or for remarketing purposes. You can log in and view analytics to see how your campaign is going.


Use one or use ten Roaming Photography light rings. You also have the option to hire one of our photographers to assist with handling the light ring photographs at your event, or you can assign one of your own people.


The light ring is simple and easy to use. The photo sharing function is also intuitive to use for your guests. They can simply enter their smart phone number and share their photographs.


Roaming photography works much better than your traditional photo booth—instead, your photo booth travels with you. This encourages everyone to participate, and helps to keep costs down as you don’t have to worry about paying for transportation, or finding space in your event hall for the photo booth itself. The process also works quickly so more people can participate.


If you’re excited to learn more about how brand activation can help to promote your brand, please contact us for further details.

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