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Roaming Photography Places You in the Middle of the Action

Roaming Photography is today’s exciting solution to the outdated photo booth. Most people are in the middle of the party having so much fun that they don’t want to head to a photo booth and miss all the action. Roaming Photography is assisted by a photographer who carries a roaming light ring with them. This service provides a more entertaining way for friends, family, and colleagues to have fun at a party. Since the technology is so new, everyone will be excited to give it a try.


A roaming light is exactly what it sounds like—a large circular ring with a bright colorful frame of LED lights. In the center is a familiar tablet-style interface. Users are able to enter their contact information so they can share the photographs via social media or email. The app that the photo ring utilizes will enable the photographs to be instantly shared.


The roaming light ring is still controlled by a photographer so when you book one or more for your live event you won’t have to worry about bringing the fun around the room. The photographer will interact with people in the room and ensure that there are plenty of photos of your live event.


At the back of the photo ring is a secure handle that enables the photographer to hold it higher in the air so that more people can be placed at the centre of the action. This is far more effective than one person trying to struggle to take a selfie while everyone is gathered together.


This live event roaming photography enables your guests to have more fun at the party, all while staying right in the middle of the action. The bright and colorful lights on the photo ring will capture the notice of people, and once they hear about what it does they’ll want to give it a try.


A traditional photo booth can be more limiting, as you try to coax people away from the party to get your photos with them. But the roaming light comes to you, to take fun and lively photographs.


Live themed events are also the perfect opportunity to hire a roaming light ring photographer to your event. Guests can put a great amount of effort into their costumes and will love to pose and act as their favorite characters from film, TV, or fantasy. If you still want to have a costume station with items for people to dress up in, you can set up a table to the side of the room.


Hosts and hostesses of a wide variety of live events may book the roaming light ring. This is the perfect addition to parties, weddings, sporting events, galas, mitzvahs, and music festivals. More than one photo ring can also be booked, particularly if you’re hosting larger events in the Dallas area.


If you’re excited to hire Roaming Photography for your next big or small live event, please call us today at 1-214-293-5044.

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