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Hire Live Event Roaming Photography

Live event roaming photography is a new way to capture the action of music festivals, galas, and other live events. After a while people get tired of posing for cameras so a light ring provides a better way to record images of your event in a fun and lively manner. With roaming photography, a roaming light ring is used to not only capture images, but to provide interaction with your festival, concert or live gala goers.


The roaming light ring is a large circular device that your concert goers may never have seen before. Roaming photography can be hired by concert organizers and music festival and event planners.


The roaming light is more interactive with guests, as the photographer will carry it around your live event. They can snap photographs, or interact with audience members. Friends can group together and have their photographs taken.


Once the photo is taken, the photographer will hold the light ring near them, and it will act like a smart device. The guest can enter their text number or their email address, and have photographs sent to themselves or to their friends.


A roaming light ring is a similar concept to a photo booth for live events, but is much better. Instead of using a photo booth with older technology which also takes up valuable live event room, the roaming light ring is light and portable. The assigned photographer can easily carry it around the room.


There is even a large handle on the back of the light ring so that it stays secure when photographs are being taken. It’s much simper than trying to carry an iPad or tablet around the room, hold it in the air, and attempt to keep it steady after a few drinks or being bumped by dancers. The light ring can safely be used at your party or music festival.


You also won’t have to worry about film costs for processing photographs from a traditional photo booth as the photographs are saved digitally. What your guests plan on doing with the photographs after they have shared them through text message or email is up to them.


Another benefit of hiring Roaming Photography for your next big event in Dallas is that it can help with brand activation and business promotion. The more people share your live events, the more notice they’ll capture on the internet. Perhaps some of the best online promotion is directly from your guests and customers who will actually buy tickets for your live events.


The roaming light ring also has a unique shape and style to it. Many people will be drawn to the bright and colorful LED lights. They’ll be curious as to what the photographer is carrying around. When it’s explained to them, they’ll have a chance to have their photograph taken by the roaming light ring, then share it digitally. It’s a lot more fun than your regular photographer taking photos!


If you’re curious as to how live event roaming photography can benefit your event, please contact us today for further information.

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