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Cover Sporting Events with Live Event Roaming Photography

If you’re a sporting events planner, arena manager, or sporting team manager, you can hire live event roaming photography to cover your next game. Light ring photography provides an additional level of fun for your sports fans, while also providing a way to do team brand activation. Your sponsors may also wish to participate in brand activation from small booths set up at live events or sporting events.


Roaming photography has its roots in the traditional photo booth but instead of being static, the roaming light ring replaces the camera and structure, and can be comfortably carried around by an assigned photographer. You can hire a photographer from Roaming Photography, or assign one of your own from your own arena, brand, or business.


The roaming light ring is a circular device that lights up with bright colorful lights but still functions as a camera. It has a large handle on the back, which makes it more useful than your traditional smart phone or tablet. The light ring can be held higher in the air and much steadier than your usual device.


Anyone can operate the roaming light ring but you’ll want to assign your own photographer to protect your rental investment. You can rent as few as one light ring, or as many as ten for your upcoming festivals, live events, concerts, or sporting events.


Another great function of using a light ring photography device is that after the photo has been taken, the attendee has the option of sharing the photos. They can enter their text messaging numbers or email addresses. From there, they can log into their smart devices to see the photos, then start sharing them on their favorite social media channels.


When they share them with friends or colleagues, these people will be ready to buy tickets to your next upcoming sporting events, music festivals, live events, and sporting games. It’s like half the marketing has already been done for you, and can be an essential part of modern brand activation.


Another purpose of live event roaming photography is that it can also be engaging and fun for your sporting event guests, or other live event guests. Once people see what’s happening, they’ll be lined up to have their photograph taken.


You may also find other promotional purposes for using roaming photography at your event. Perhaps you can give away jerseys or thermoses, and have photos taken of the winners that they’ll then be encouraged to share on social media.


One of the best ways to sell out on tickets is when people know they are going to have a fantastic time at sporting and other live events. The more friends share, the more encouraging it is to buy a ticket and join them at the next upcoming event.


If you have any questions about how roaming photography can benefit your next sporting event—pro, college, or high school—please contact us today to learn more about our Roaming Photography light ring rentals.

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