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Capture Your Wedding Reception in Action with Roaming Photography

Many couples are planning unique wedding receptions that don’t feature your usual types of entertainment. Weddings should always be fun and exciting, never routine or boring. Roaming Photography can be hired to provide roaming light photography services to your upcoming wedding reception.


During your wedding reception, a photographer will carry around a roaming light ring instead of your usual camera. This is a similar idea to your wedding guests taking selfies at the party, but live event roaming photography can do it better.


The roaming light ring is a large circular device with a wide frame full of colorful bright lights. Instead of using a camera, the photographer will take a snapshot of you or your group using the light ring.


The light ring has a large handle on the back that enables the photographer to hold the light ring high in the air to take photos that cover a larger group or part of your wedding reception.


The bright and colorful lights are exciting and will draw people to it. They’ll be curious about how the light rings works for weddings, and how their photographs can be taken and shared online.


Unlike a regular photo booth that is set up in one part of the room, a roaming light ring can move around the room. The photographer can take as many photographs of the live wedding event as they wish, or they can wander around and interact with the guests to get the perfect group photos.


You’ll find you have better interaction with guests and capture more photographs of all the guests with the light ring, rather than simply relying on a photo booth that not everyone will use. And since the photographs are shared digitally, rather than printed, the wedding couple will also have a better chance of seeing the photos for themselves.


Weddings are the perfect venue for Roaming Photography as there are plenty of opportunities to get some fun and unique shots of the guests and wedding couple during the festivities.


The photographer can take the wedding couple shots at the beginning of the wedding and through to the wedding reception meal, then the cake cutting. Then when the band begins to play and everyone gets onto the dance floor there can be more interaction between the roaming light ring and guests.


After a photograph has been taken, guests have the option to enter their contact details on the roaming light ring app, such as email or texting number. The photographs can be shared with friends, family, or colleagues.


A roaming light ring can also be a more affordable option for weddings than a photo booth. A photo booth must be brought in by truck, while your roaming light ring is light and easy to carry.


Live event roaming photography is one of the best ways to capture your guests in photographs, and can also be perfect for those special wedding moments. If you’re interested in booking Roaming Photography for your upcoming wedding, please contact us today.

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