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Roaming Light Ring Photogtraphy for Live Events

Roaming Photography 

Festivals - Corproate Events - Weddings - Galas - Brand Activations

Brandable    Instant sharing    Analytics    Data Capture

Animated GIF's and Digital Props  

Amazing roaming photography light ring photo is designed to roam live events and take amazing photos and allow guests to instantly share their photo via email or text along with your branded photo layout and message.  

This portable photo ring activation allows a unique perspective by being able hold it up to get a great angle.  

Get the photo booth out of the corner and let it join the party! 

Rent one or ten, your people or ours anywhere, anytime! 

Roaming photography with this amazing technology creates branded event photos that are instantly shared by guests.   Photography that lets your brand join the party.  Data capture and analytics available.  Simply amazing!  

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Roaming Photography For Music Festivals
Roaming Photography for Weddings
Roaming Photography for Galas


Let the photo booth roam the event and join the party.  The amazing portable photo ring brings the photos to the dance floor.  Instantly shareable 

Everyone loves the roaming ring!  The lights attract a crowd and creates a fun festive party right on the spot!  The guests love being able to instantly share their photo via text. 

Roaming Photography

Roaming Photography

Roaming Photography
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Roaming Photography for Live Events

Custom Designed Photo Layouts Included: 

Custom Branded Photo Layout
Custom Themed Photo Layout
Animated GIF's For Roaming Light Ring Photography

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Book roaming photography for your event.  We can provide one or multiple units for your event or brand activation. 


Custom designed photo overlays brand the experience.  



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